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Lost Ark Sea Of Indolence Dungeon Mechanics Guide

Looking for the mechanics you should learn to beat the Sea of Indolence dungeon in Lost Ark? This guide has you covered.

Sea of Indolence is an Abyss dungeon in Lost Ark. It is the first dungeon to need a 960 item level. This dungeon has two different bosses, both offer players a moderate amount of challenge. All in all, this is a great dungeon especially if you have a well-coordinated party to attempt it. So let us check this mechanics guide for the Sea of Indolence Abyss dungeon in Lost Ark and how to beat the two bosses.


Sea of Indolence Dungeon Mechanics Guide for Lost Ark

how to beat the sea of indolence abyss dungeon in lost ark
Image Credit: TenTen on YouTube

To begin with, you need 8 people to try this dungeon. There are two bosses that you need to eliminate in order to complete this dungeon. Thanks to TenTen on YouTube for their easy explanation of this dungeon.

  • First Boss
  • Second Boss

How to Beat the First boss of Sea of Indolence in Lost Ark

Before you start the fight you should get familiar with the special diving suit that your character is equipped with. The reason is you get new skills with this suit so knowing how they work will come in handy and you won’t have to learn about them during the fight. Now let’s check the steps to defeat it.

  1. The first boss looks like a three-headed dragon.
  2. Spam your attacks on the dragon. It will launch various attacks, dodge them.
  3. You can recognize the attacks by their red color. They will either be a circle to show how much area the attack will cover when launched. Or it will show a path, representing the range of the attack.
  4. Once you see these red indications move out of the way and you will be safe.
  5. The second thing you need to look out for will be the shark-like minion.
  6. When this shark spawns focus all your attacks on it instead of the dragon.
  7. Defeating it will also grant you an attack buff.
  8. This buff will come in handy when you are taking down the dragon.
  9. Repeat these steps to defeat the first boss.

How to Beat the Second boss of the Sea of Indolence

Before heading to the second boss you should get used to the new oxygen bar. This is a mechanic that will show the depletion of your oxygen levels underwater. Refilling them is easy you can either stand on top of an air bubble to refill it or consume a flower. Both of these refilling items respawn a few seconds after you consume them. Now let us check the steps to defeat the second boss.

  • The second boss is a giant octopus-like creature that has two phases.
  • Phase 1
    1. In the first phase, this boss will primarily do 4 attacks.
      • Stomp: A big red circle will appear showing the area where all the stomp attacks will do the damage.
      • Hand sweep: A range of red color is shown and the boss will sweep in that range attacking any players in there.
      • Red balls: These balls will have a yellow circle instead of a red one to show their range. This yellow circle indicates that the attack will do damage to your oxygen level and decrease it.
      • Safe zone attack: As the name suggests this is an attack that will have a safe zone. This attack covers the whole area except for this safe spot. So the only way to avoid getting hit by this attack is for you and your party to gather in this safe zone.
    2. Now that you are aware of his 4 attacks, dodge them while dealing damage to it.
    3. You will know the end of phase 1 when you destroy the boss’s legs.
  • Phase 2
    1. In the second phase, the boss will do 5 attacks.
      • Red balls: This time they show the yellow cone of a range to show their area of effect. This will again do damage to your oxygen levels.
      • Smack: Just like the stomp in phase 1. It will frequently smack at the players and these smack attacks will show a red range to show the attacks. The frequency of this attack is a lot more than its stomp attack from the first phase.
      • Dash: It will leap back to charge and then dash at the players while petrifying them. In case a player is unable to dodge this attack they will get petrified.
      • Hand Sweep: It will show a blue range and sweep at the players in that range.
      • Safe Zone: This attack is the same attack it uses in its first phase.
    2. Just like before, see what type of attack the boss uses in order to dodge it and start spamming your attacks on it. When you completely deplete the boss’s health bar you will defeat it.

That sums up all the mechanics of the Sea of Indolence dungeon in Lost Ark and how to beat both the bosses. You should also check our other guides on how to clear Shadespire floor 48, how to defeat the salt giant, and how to unlock boss rush in Lost Ark.