Lost Ark Salt Giant Location & Boss Fight Guide

Here is how you can find and Defeat the Salt Giant Boss in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG where you go on adventures, make friends, & complete objectives like Quests. On your adventures, you will encounter a plethora of Hostile Mobs, Bosses, & Mini-Bosses. If you are an experienced player then these encounters won’t be anything more than a walk in a park. But there are Foes that even elites struggle to defeat, and they are World Bosses. One such World Boss is the Salt Giant. He roams around frigid areas of Yudia and will attack any player in his sight. In today’s guide, I will show you the Location & how to Defeat the Salt Giant World Boss in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Salt Giant Location

salt giant lost ark

The Salt Giant is one of the World Bosses in Lost Ark. He is a Big, Mean, and very Powerful foe. But he wasn’t always like this. Through the Lore of the game, we find out that once upon a time the Salt Giant was an elemental that protected the lands of Yudia. But to save everyone, he sacrificed himself by absorbing a massive source of evil energy at the collapse of Encavia that has now corrupted him. In his current state, he is a mindless Boss that will attack everyone in sight. We must take him down and continue his legacy of protecting the lands of Yudia. That is what he would want.

Where to Find Salt Giant Boss in Lost Ark?

salt giant lost ark location
Image Sorce – lostarkmap.com

As stated above, The Salt Giant is the World Boss for the Yudia Continent. You can find him in the Aregal Salt Plains, Southeast of Saland Hills city in Lost Ark. He is a pretty big guy so you will easily find him. If he is not there, don’t worry as he will respawn every 30 mins. Once he does, do be careful as he will charge at you and then attack.

How to Beat the Salt Giant in Lost Ark?

The Salt Giant in Lost Ark specializes in close-range combat. If gets close enough to you, he will start attacking you with a flurry of fists and a Ground Smash attack. To deal with him you will need to be kitted to the teeth and have a few team members. Why do you ask? that’s because the Salt Giant in Lost Ark has over 1 Million Hitpoints. That is a lot of health and you will need all the help that you can get.

Since he is a close-range attacker, you should be using long-range attacks and kitting around him. Be out of his range and you should do just fine. This tactic should work even if you are a bit under-leveled. Be careful as he will charge at you if you are too far from his range. But you will be able to handle him A-OK. After you defeat by dealing over 1 Million damage in total, you will gain a lot of loot like Silver, XP, Major Healing Potions, Levatanos Necklace, Defeat Salt Giant, & Relic Collector Long Staff.

This was all about Finding & Defeating the Salt Giant in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on How To Dismantle Items in Lost Ark