How to Use Scroll Blade Weapon in Ninjala

Want to know whether Scroll Blade is a good Sword in Ninjala? What are its best moves and abilities, then read this guide.

Scroll Blade is a sword and brings powerful melee attacks in Ninjala. The Sword class is one of the best ones in Ninjala allowing you to hunt foes and escape faster. In this Ninjala weapons guide , we will talk about Scroll Blade. In this article, you will learn about everything about this weapon its stats, its Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special move, and abilities. So let’s begin.

What is Scroll Blade Weapon in Ninjala?

Scroll Blade is for aggressive players, who do not like waiting. With all powers, the weapon can help you a lot in mobility and power. You can easily attack and power up yourself to defeat a foe in Ninjala.

  • Weapon Class: Katana
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Kunai
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Piercing Mixer
  • Special: Charging Slash
  • Abilities: Chakra / Kamikaze
  • Adjust Parameters: 30 / 100

Gum Kunai is Scroll Blades Gum Shoot in Ninjala. This attack can intercept an opponent’s movement. You can summon three Kunai’s and fire at a foe at the same time. So you get a little more in the damaged part, Piercing Mixer is this weapons Gum Ninjutsu.

Using this move you can attack a foe beyond a wall. You can see them while using this attack type, it can pierce through the wall and will help you to get an Ippon. You can also attack Drones from a range using the move by firing a beam of gum.

Charging Slash is Scroll Blade’s special move allowing you to charge to your opponent at full speed. There is a less chance a foe can dodge this quick attack. There are two Scroll Blade’s abilities you can try in Ninjala. Chakra is the primary ability that can reset special countdown when you defeat a foe. And the second Kamikaze will let you move faster when you defeat a foe with special.

Scroll Blade is all about serious melee combat. The Gum Ninjutsu of this weapon also lets you spot foe beyond the wall that gives you a little edge over others. The abilities of the weapons focus more on speed and attacks, so if you are using this weapon then be a pro. So there is all the info about Scroll Blade Weapon in Ninjala, all its abilities, and stats. You can know to use it a lot more effectively in the game. We also have Ninjala beginners guide if you are new to the game, click the link to learn more.