Where To find Resident Evil Village Save Files in Windows 10?

You can backup RE8 save files if you are playing it on a Windows 10 PC platform. This can help you to restore it back in case of any crash related issues.

Resident Evil Village or RE8 is an interesting game with mind-boggling puzzles, intimidating characters, and a scary persona. The game has a typewriter that acts as the save point. Whenever you find one you can manually save your game. Otherwise, as you complete the different main missions the game auto-saves the progress. You will see a tiny typewriter sign on the bottom left or right of the screen. It indicates your current progress is saved. But sometimes you will have to save it manually, for which finding the typewriter is necessary. This can pull in unnecessary attention from enemies. You can backup Resident Evil Village Save game files and continue playing. If you want to restart from a previous position just restore it back. For this, you will have to find where is Resident Evil Village Save location is.

Resident Evil Village Save Files Locations for PC and Console

RE Village Save Game Location

RE8 Save files are located in the Steam folder. Go to C Drive or the location where Windows 10 is installed. Open Program Files (x86), and open the Steam Folder. Open User Date > 1196590 > Remote > win64_save. This is the default location where you can find all save game files of Resident Evil Village. Here is the full location once again. In some systems User-ID might not be visible, you can ignore this one. Or you can choose your user-id from here if you have multiple logins.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(user-id)\1196590\remote\win64_save

Copy the entire win64_save file or best copy 1196590 folder for backup. You can then experiment with mods or try out other stuff. To restore just replace the entire folder back to the default location. In simple words overwrite the files and done. Below is Resident Evil Village save locations for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

  • PS4 – Settings > Application Saved Data Management > SAVED DATA IN SYSTEM STORAGE > Resident Evil Village
  • Xbox One – My Games and Apps > Resident Evil Village > Menu > Manage Game > SAVED DATA
  • Xbox Series X|S – My Games and Apps > Resident Evil Village > Menu > Manage Game and add-ons > SAVED DATA

Where to find the Resident Evil Village config file?

If you want to modify the game settings, difficulty level, graphic options, etc you can play with an RE8 config file. The easiest way is to use the game settings, but if you want to do more then editing the config file is the best option. The file stores all related data like control settings, graphic settings, etc. Under common in steamapps look for Resident Evil Village folder. The config file is located inside it. You can copy-paste, move or modify the files from here.

  • steamapps/common/(game-folder)

This was RE8 save file location for PC/Laptop platform. You cannot do much with the console, compared to PC. There are certain mods you can try out on Resident Evil Village, which will require you to back up the save file. Any crash or bug can lead to the loss of important progress. Do not forget to check our guide on how to install fly swatter mod in RE Village.