What Is Safe Trading In Monopoly GO?

Looking to trade your stickers safely in Monopoly GO? Here’s everything you need to know about Safe Trading.

The Monopoly GO Safe Trading feature is one of the features that had been missing for quite a while now. Players have always been looking to trade stickers with other players to complete a card set or album. Since they were even willing to part ways with their own IRL money, there came a set of scammers who had made trading in Monopoly GO a plague.

Luckily, the Safe Trading feature will help you avoid scammers altogether and you can easily trade your 4-star or 5-star stickers and complete the card set. While there are events like the Golden Blitz that are sort of similar, this new way of trading stickers ensure you are not scammed out of them.

How Does Monopoly GO Safe Trading Work

How Does Monopoly GO Safe Trading Work
Image Source: Monopoly GO

With Monopoly GO Safe Trading, players have a daily trade limit of 4 stickers. Since the feature is now available globally, you will have the option to use it with any almost anyone. Players will get the option to accept or deny a trade once they get a transaction request from a player. This is done to ensure that players actually get to trade their stickers and not get scammed out of them.

You and a friend (or a trader) can propose stickers to swap with each other. Both parties must agree to the exchange before it is finalized. So as things stand, even if you are trading with someone from the community, you will have to add them as your friend first.

How to Use Safe Trading Feature in Monopoly GO

Now that you know what Safe Trading is, you should know exactly how to use it so you can make a secure swap with another Monopoly GO player. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you are in contact with your friend or any trader from the community for the secure swap you want.
  • After that, add them to your friends list so use the Safe Trading feature.
  • Now, propose the duplicate sticker that you want to trade and once you select it, hit Friend to send it to the trader.
  • The proposed sticker will show up on the trader or your friend’s notification and from there, they can choose to accept the request and provide you with a sticker of their own.
  • Once you get the notification of the trade they put up, you can choose the accept the trade if it is the right sticker.

While declining the offer means a complete restart to trade again, if your friend doesn’t respond to the request, your sticker will be returned to you once it resets at the end of the day.

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