When Is The Next Golden Blitz Event In Monopoly GO? – Schedule 2023

Since Golden Stickers cannot be shared or traded in the traditional form, the Golden Blitz was the perfect opportunity for players to do so. And once Monopoly GO removed the Golden Blitz Event, players eagerly awaited the next one. In all fairness, the event is quite epic and useful, but Scopely had to remove it to keep the players engaged.

Scopely would want players to spend time in the game and collect at least one Golden Sticker for each album. However, the player count might show a slight dip if it can be traded easily. Even though the game has a lot of loyal players, players might choose to exploit this if it goes on for long.

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO?

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO
Image Source: Scopely

The Golden Blitz Event allows players to trade their Golden Stickers in Monopoly GO. Unlike other tournaments, events, and partner events, there is nothing to participate in or grind here. Players can join the Facebook page to connect with the community and trade stickers.

The additional benefit of trading stickers is that you can at least complete one of the albums. Since these contain high rewards, players are often trying their best to do so. It’s best to remember that this is a limited-time event, and it is unlikely that Scopely will hold them for longer times.

When is the Next Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO?

Sadly, there is no announcement of a new Golden Blitz event, and since there is no pattern behind when the devs launch it, it will be hard to set a date or schedule. Since it is not a tournament or event like the ones we have, it’s hard to say anything right now.

Based on speculation and past events, we expect a Golden Blitz Event to occur in the last week of November or the first week of December. However, without an announcement, it’s impossible to confirm that.

Players can monitor the Monopoly GO Facebook page for updates from the developer. We will monitor the page and update this guide once new dates are announced.

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