How To Unlock S-Class Requests In Fairy Tail

Unlock the S-Class Requests in Fairy Tail and complete them to earn exciting rewards.

S-Class requests in Fairy Tail are extremely dangerous missions where even minute mistakes can lead to Mage’s death. Hence, these requests are only available to players with a higher rank. You must have an S-Class Mage or at least accompanied by one to unlock S-Class requests in Fairy Tail. This guide will help you become an S-Class Mage to unlock S-Class Requests in Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail: How to Unlock S-Class Requests?

Since S-Class Requests are only for higher rank Mages, you won’t receive any until you are into the final few chapters. In the final few chapters, i.e., after the 6th chapter, you will be allowed to return to Fairy Tail’s previous guild building.

Then you will have to find the S-Class Requests, which would be located on the second floor of the final Fairy Tail Guild. You will then have to complete all the chapters in Fairy Tail and get to Epilogue. In the Epilogue, you can take on the S-Class Promotional Exam that will allow you to unlock S-Class requests in Fairy Tail.

After taking the exam, you will have to outclass a high-level monster, level 70 in normal difficulty, in Tenrou Island. You will get the S-Class certificate if you defeat the monster.

Once you have the S-Class certificate, all the members of your team who helped you to defeat the monster can take the S-Class Promotional exam and qualify to get the certificate and unlock S-Class Requests in Fairy Tail. All you have to do is to get back to the bridge on Tenrou Island and take the exam with a different character.

Completing S-Class Requests in Fairy Tail will yield large rewards. Some of the S-Class missions such as Subjugation can get you millions of jewels, while some others can get you 5 Bond Points.

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