What is the Max Level Cap in Fairy Tail?

Reaching the Fairy Tail Max Level cap unlocks a lot of possibilities in the game, and for this, you will have to know what is the max number.

Fairy Tail is a fantasy adventure game about Natsu, a dragon slayer. You can explore the different magical world of Earth and meet with new characters. With over multiple characters sometime it will be confusing which is the best Fairy Tail character. This comes with a level-up system and upgrades.

Game leveling is an integral part of the character system. Leveling unlocks a lot of possibilities as a character in the game, I will help you out with how to achieve max level cap in Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Max Level UP Guide

Leveling up your character in Fairy Tail will help you to unlock their potential. Max Level Cap in Fairy Tail is 99 which is the highest is rank for any character in the game. After reaching Level 99 you cannot upgrade the Fairy Tail Character above it.

If you are wondering that Level 99 is a big number to achieve, then there is something you can do. You can use Link Hunt to easily unlock Level 99. The core of the unlocking level is earning XP, the more you can earn the faster you can reach the point.

Depending on the guild’s poor quality you can increase your chances of earning XP’s in Fairy Tail. You can also increase your team by adding more members, and even if they are not playing they also earn some part of XP on winning battles.

Using the Magical Foundation Growth which is gain during the epilogue you can reset everything to Level 1 after reaching Level 9. But with the massive boost in the base stats and doing this twice is good enough to beat the bosses in Fairy Tail.

This is how you can level up in Fairy Tail and reach Level 99 by winning battles. It all relies on how you choose to build and upgrade your team. Leveling can be slow sometimes but keep progressing with new levels and you will reach the milestone. You can reset and repeat things back again to reach 99 once again.

Progressing with the same outfit can be boring, why not try out some new costumes. I had a separate guide on that, you can read Fairy Tail Costume Guides to know more about the new costumes.