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How To Get Law Trophy In Fairy Tail

Get all your queries answered on how to get your Law Trophy in Fairy Tail.

All the trophies available in Fairy Tail are listed on their official website and the game itself. But not all the trophies are well described, especially the rarest ones like the Law Trophy. Law Trophy is a rare bronze trophy with the description ‘Activated Mavis’ Law’. Well, if you are wondering, like many others, here’s how to get your Law Trophy in Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail: How to Get Law Trophy

Firstly, let’s understand what Extreme Magic is. Extreme Magic is a finisher spell used in Magic Chain. There are various Extreme Magic including Fairy Law, Three Pillar Gods, Fairy Sphere, Giant, among others, which you will acquire as you raise your Guild Rank in Fairy Tail

Now coming back on how to get the Law Trophy in the Fairy Tail, you will receive that when you use Mavis’ Law Extreme Magic. The challenge here is that it is not in your hands to choose which Extreme Magic to use. Once your Magic Chain is full and you initiate Extreme Magic any random magic can pop up. And considering that you will have multiple Extreme Magic and Mavis’ Law being one of the rarest, the chances of Mavis’ Law popping up is quite low.

Although you cannot control which Extreme Magic pops up, you can increase your chances of unleashing Mavis’ Law and get a Law Trophy. All you need to do is hold on before using Extreme Magic as long as you can before the Magic Chain ends. The higher the Magic Chain, the higher the chances of using Mavis’ Law Extreme Magic and achieving the Law Trophy.

So basically, here’s what you need to do to get a Law Trophy in Fairy Tail.

  • Wait until your Fairy Gauge is full.
  • Once it is full, hit the R1 button to initiate the Magic Chain.
  • Don’t use the finisher button until it changes to Extreme finisher.
  • When the finisher button changes to Extreme Finisher, click it to witness any Extreme Finisher.
  • If the Mavis’ Law pops up, you will get the Law Trophy.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to get a Law Trophy in Fairy Tail. But Fairy Tail is not all about trophies, there are several other items such as Delicious Candy that are equally important. You can read about the importance and use of Delicious candies in our Fairy Tail guide.

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