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What is Delicious Candy Used for in Fairy Tail?

Delicious Candy is a kind of common item found in Fairy Tail. You will be collecting it while exploring, there is a specific use of this candy. Here is a guide on what to do with it.

Delicious Candy is a kind of special item in Fairy Tail and it is used for a special purpose at a special time. You will be collecting delicious candy throughout the game. If you are wondering what to do with this candy then this guide will answer your all questions. Delicious Candy is easy to spot, look for shiny objects. Along with the candy you can also find other things like healing items. But here is what to do with delicious candy in Fairy Tale.

How to make friends in Fairy Tail using Delicious Candy?

At the start of the game after leaving Fairy Tail Guild building you will find Delicious Candy near the barrels. They are in various locations, your objective is to collect enough candies to turn them into rewards.

Continue playing the Fairy Tail main story until you learn about Lucy’s father. Lucy will get a letter with 7 years of rent, this event will allow Lucy to enter her home. This unlocks Lucy’s home for you and you can enter it. Walk inside and give the candy to Nikora or Plue. They will give you rewards for the candy. Here is a list of rewards you can unlock in exchange for Delicious Candy in Fairy Tale.

  1. Lacrima Journal: Volume 1 + Lacrima Set
  2. Lacrima Journal: Special Edition + Lacrima Set
  3. Lacrima Journal: Final Issue + Lacrima Set
  4. Trends From The Magic World + Lacrima Set
  5. Idiot-Proof Guide To Dating + Lacrima Set
  6. The Stars’ Guidance + Lacrima Set

So using the Delicious Candies you can unlock some cool rewards and make new friends in Fairy Tale. If you found the candies shining on the floor do not ignore them. Grab and store it in your inventory whenever you are nearby Lucy’s house you can use them to unlock rewards.

Fairy Tail has a lot of character around fourteen and unlocking them can be a tedious task if you do not know how to do that. I will share another guide here as Delicious Candies can be found throughout the game, you will also want to unlock new characters or add them to your party.  Hit the link to learn about all Fairy Tail characters and how to unlock them.