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How to Unlock all 14 Characters in Fairy Tale?

With more than 10 characters to unlock you can try out different play-style with each Fairy Tale character. Here is a guide on how to unlock them all one by one?

Fairy Tale would be a boring game if there were not enough characters to try out. The game features 1 4 characters and here is a guide on how to unlock each one of them. Which mission unlock which characters, or what are the steps to unlock Fairy Tail characters, Wendy, Gray, Ezra, Juvia, Gajeel, Kagura, Sting, Rogue, Ichiya, Sherria, Jellal, Mirajane, Laxus and Gildarts.

How to unlock all characters in Fairy Tale?

You can recruit more champions in Fairy Tail or adds friends to your party by unlocking new characters. Here is a list of every character and how to unlock them.

  1. Wendy – Complete the first request in the Main Story.
  2. Gray – Complete Snuggle Don’t Struggle Request.
  3. Ezra – Complete Get the Mail, Man Request.
  4. Juvia – Complete Juvia’s Character Story. Unlock at Guild Hall at the beginning of Chapter 2.
  5. Gajeel – Defeat Gajeel in duel. He will appear in the Inn after you finish the 1st day of activities in Grand Magic Games.
  6. Kagura – In Chapter 7, complete A Mermaid on Stage Character Story.
  7. Sting – In Chapter 7 you will have to complete Strings Character Story White vs. Red. Complete Stings Favorite Things and search for the Celestial Spirit key.
  8. Rogue – In Chapter 7, recruit Sting and complete Rogue’s Character stories. Rogue will join you after complete character Story Battle of the Dragon Slayer.
  9. Ichiya – Complete the Perfect Team. It is Ichiya’s third story during Chapter 7.
  10. Sherria – Complete Fairy Love, An Outgoing Together, and Sherria are on the Job. Complete this after unlocking all Character Stories in Chapter 7.
  11. Jellal – Complete Jellal’s stories Dark Guild Rumors, Beyond the Enchantment and Evil Lurking.
  12. Mirajane – Complete Favor for Mira, Kill it with Fire & Coming Out of Retirement Character stories. This will be available in Epilogue.
  13. Laxus – Complete Laxus’ Character Stories, The final one, Harvest Festival Memories after recruiting Mirajane.
  14. Gildarts –  Complete Gildarts final character story. You can find him on the second floor of the base. You have to beat him to make him join your party.

Fairy Tail characters have different requirements to make them join your party. Some will demand a fight, also while you can unlock a lot of character just by completing their story.