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Elden Ring Royal Remains Armor Set: How To Get It

Check out our guide on how to get the Royal Remains Armor set in Elden Ring.

As you progress through your journey in the mystical Lands Between, you will explore several armaments and armor in Elden Ring. Given the difficulty level of the game, you need to be fully prepared for all the enemies coming your way. Royal Remains Armor set can be obtained early in the game. But for that, you need to defeat an NPC invader at a certain location. So, here’s our guide on how to get the Royal Remains Armor Set in Elden Ring.


How to Get Royal Remains Armor Set in Elden Ring?

  • Head over to the Village of Albinaurics, the site of the Grace located to the south of Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • You can fast-travel to the Site of Grace if you have discovered it already.
  • While you pass through the marshes, you will discover a cave over there.
  • You will find a pot next to the entrance of the cave. That pot is an Albinauric named Albus, who is disguised as the pot.
royal remains armor set elden ring
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  • As you strike him once or twice, he will give you the Right Haligtree medallion.
  • You need to collect the medallion to trigger the fight against the NPC invader.
  • Once you have collected the medallion head over to the Roundtable Hold.
  • As you reach there, the location would be much darker than usual.
  • You will encounter Ensha of the Royal Remains as an NPC invader coming right at you to fight.
  • After you defeat him, you will be teleported to the normal Roundtable hold.
  • Then, you need to take a right to the entrance of Gideon Ofnir’s room.

royal remains armor set elden ring

  • You can grab the Clinging bone and the Royal Remains armor set from there. This set includes the Royal Remains Armor, Helm, Greaves, and Gauntlets.

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