Starfield Rowland Arms Shop Location

Unable to find the Rowland Arms weapon store in Starfield? Here's how you can get to this location easily.

Rowland Arms is a store found in the enormous Galaxy or Galaxies of Starfield. As the name suggests, you can purchase new weapons and ammo from here. During some side quests or activities, you will be prompted toward this location. However, finding it becomes a bit overwhelming due to the long List of Planets and Systems. So to help you through this, we will help you get to the Rowland Arms. That said, check out below to know Rowland Arms Location.

How to Get to Rowland Arms Store in Starfield

Rowland Arms is found in the Akila City on the Akila Planet of the Cheyenne System. To reach there, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, head over to the Cheyenne System and look out for the Akila Planet.

Akila Planet in Cheyenne System: Rowland Arms Location

  • Next, zoom in on the Akila Planet and select the Akila City marker.
  • Now, land in the Akila City and exit your Spaceship.

Starfield Akila City

  • After you are out, get past the welcome board that says – Welcome to Akila City.

Starfield Akila City

  • Walk a few steps behind the welcome board and take a left turn (refer to the image above).
  • Get through that small passage and make your way into the city.

Starfield Rowland Arms Location

  • You should find the Rowland Arms store just on the left side of the road.

That’s it, you can now enter the Rowland Arms and buy whatever firepower you wish to get in Starfield. Belle Rowland will be the NPC Vendor greeting you inside the store. Just to let you know that she isn’t romanceable. But for your reference, you can check out our guide on all the Romance Options available for you.

Even after hours of exploration, you can miss out on most locations. I suggest you take a look at our Starfield Wiki & Strategy Guide for help.

Now that you know the location of Rowland Arms in Starfield, make sure to explore the nearby areas as well. Besides this, if you are having trouble reaching out to the Deimos Staryard or the Lodge, then we can help you. Make sure to check out our guides to know their exact locations.