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Going Medieval: How To Build And Place A Roof?

Going Medieval basic contruction tips, here is how to build and place roof in Going Medieval. Protect your build from bad weather.

Going Medieval is one of the most interesting and creative games available right now. The ability to build structures by yourself is one of the most interactive elements of the game. Roofs are an important part of the construction process. In today’s article, we will guide you to build your own roof in Going Medieval. Let’s get building.

How to Build a Wall in Going Medieval


Before you build a roof for your structure, you first need to ensure that you have walls around your structure to support your roof. If you don’t know how to build walls, worry not cause we’ve got you covered. Check the instructions below to build a wall in Going Medieval.

  • To build a wall, go to the “Build” menu. You can find this menu at the bottom left of your screen.
  • You can now choose to place any type of wall according to your choice.
  • Place the walls according to your desired room size.
  • You might need supports in the middle of your room if it is too big.
  • It is important to know that as you start to play the game, you may find that you can only use stone and wooden walls for your structures.

going medieval how to build walls


Now that you have walls for your house, you can proceed to build a roof to cover the structure and provide shelter for the inhabitants living inside as well as any resources you may have stored inside.

How to Build a Roof in Going Medieval

Follow the instructions below and build your very own roof in Going Medieval:


  • To build a roof, you first need to make sure your house is already built and has walls.
  • Once your house is ready with walls to support a roof, go to the “Wicker Roof” option.
  • You can do so by pressing F1 on your keyboard.
  • Your minions will build a roof based on the building priority and the materials you have.

If you want to build your roof using different materials, check out the instructions below.

How To Build a Roof with Different Materials


  • To use different materials to build your roof, begin by selecting your roof with whatever material is listed there.
  • You will now see a small sub-menu to the right.
  • If you scroll to the bottom of this menu, you will find the option to select a different material variant for the selected building item (in this case, the roof)
  • You can use this method to also build walls and other items with different materials too.

How To Place a Roof

Once you’ve chosen the materials for your roof, it’s now time to place the roof on your walls. Follow the instructions below to place a wall in Going Medieval:

  • To place a roof, first choose your roof style. Place your cursor over the corner of the room.
  • You won’t need to adjust your Z levels unless you are below the wall level.
  • If you are below the wall level, just press the “Z” key to toggle the camera until you see the top of the walls.
  • Once you do so, select any corner of the wall and drag your cursor in the opposite direction. You will now see a roof shape being placed.

going medieval building a roof

The roof-placing menu will also tell you how many resources are being used in the construction of your roof. Thus, you need to make sure that you have enough resources to build your roof.

So there you have it, your very own roof in Going Medieval. As you can see, building a roof in Going Medieval is really easy. You can also assign a higher priority to building a roof by right-clicking the roof and selecting “Prioritize Constructing”.

Now you can easily place roofs on buildings in the game. You will also need some help with the construction part in Going Medieval. For example how to dig, how to fill holes, how to research to unlock more new types of buildings, and how to build an underground base which is best to store food and people.