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Why Is Roblox Tagging Everything I Say?

Find out how to fix Roblox censoring every message.

Roblox seems to have developed another issue in which the application is tagging and censoring everything in sight. This is a recurring issue in the game and seems to have returned again. It seems to be a glitch in the game that causes this to occur again. So, scroll down and find out how to fix the censoring issue.

How to fix Roblox Tagging Everything I say issue?

Why Is Roblox Tagging Everything I Say: Censor Fix

To fix this issue you can follow any of the steps given below. These aren’t guaranteed fixes in any way whatsoever. However, you can also wait for the game to fix these issues by itself. The devs have not said anything as of yet, however, you can expect them to fix something like this.

The very first thing that you can do is have a look at restarting the app. Go to your system settings and simply click on Force Stop Application. Now, open the application again and try using the chat feature again.

Alternatively, if Roblox is still tagging everything you can try to uninstall the application. Once you do that, wait for a few minutes and delete any cache files that still remain behind. Now, reinstall the application and launch it again.

The last step is technically the easiest but not a guaranteed fix. All you need to do is go to the app permissions and turn all the privacy settings off. After this turn them back on and launch the app again. This should technically fix the issue.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to stop Roblox from tagging everything in the chat. While you are here you can also have a look at how to fix Roblox Error Code 769 and 772. You should also have a look at how to join the Roblox Talent Hub.