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Roblox Talent Hub: What Is It And How To Join?

Find out what is Roblox Talent Hub and what is known about the requirements to apply or join it.

Roblox Talent Hub is where creators can connect with other creators. Basically, they can post job listings to find people to work with on Roblox games/experiences. But how to join Roblox Talent Hub and what are the requirements? Here’s all that is known right now.

What is Roblox Talent Hub?

Roblox Talent Hub is like LinkedIn, Fiverr or Upwork for Roblox developers where they can find other creators to join them for work on games. You can create your profile, add your skills and then take it forward from there. Animators, Graphic Creators, Modeling artists, Coders and more can access it and get jobs which makes it a promising platform. If you see a job listing that fits your skillset and is what you are looking for, you can go ahead and apply for opportunities right there. And if you fit the requirements of the Creator, you will be hired!

This site/feature was originally revealed back in 2020. As per the leaked images posted by @JullianRBLX on Twitter, creators can post the Job Name, Type, Description, Requirements and Skills. There are also sections of Compensation type (Robux, Currency, Revenue Percent) and you can provide the Compensation details as well. After publishing a job post, it will expire 30 days after that. Plus, it seems like there’s also a Consent agreement for all interactions on Talent Hub.

How to Join Roblox Talent Hub & What are the Requirements to Apply?

How to Join Roblox Talent Hub & What are the Requirements to Apply

If you head to talent.roblox.com right now, you will see a message. It says “Not authorized, your account does not meet the criteria needed to access Talent Hub”. The website is actually not live yet and the requirements and conditions are not yet known. But from what we can guess, the criteria should be that you should be a Roblox creator, but the specifics are not clear. Rest assured that this information should be released to the public soon and we will update all of it right here, so stay tuned.

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