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RimWorld Multiplayer Mod Guide: How To Download, Install And Use Mod

Find out how to download the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod.

RimWorld has a Multiplayer Mod that allows you to connect and play the game with friends. Earlier on in the game, you were limited to just the single-player mode. However, with this mod installed you will be able to join and expand your city with all your friends. So, scroll down and find out how to use his mod in the RimWorld.

How to Download, Install and use Multiplayer Mod in RimWorld?

RimWorld Multiplayer: How To Download, Install And Use Mod

To download the Multiplayer mod you will first have to go to the official Steam Workshop link. Now, just click on the Subscribe button that is on the screen and the download will begin. The mod has been developed and made by Zetrith for the game. This mod will work with either version 1.1 or 1.2 of the game.

The official description for the same reads, ‘This mod allows you to play RimWorld together with your friends, which means that you can finally go around and make those lovely human leather hats together with your favorite group of people while at the same time performing the many war crimes of RimWorld!’

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Some of the features of the RimWorld Multiplayer mod are as follows:

  • Play with any number of people in the game.
  • The mod will auto-sync config files.
  • It is also compatible with the Royalty mod.
  • Since it is integrated with steam API, no port forwarding is needed.
  • You will be able to connect through either LAN, steam, or direct connect.
  • This mod also supports multi-colony setups.
  • Works well with a lot of the other mods for the game.

This is everything you need to know about the RimWorld Multiplayer Mod. Here at Gamer Tweak, we cover all your favorite games, so make sure to check out some of our other Video-Game Guides.