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Returnal Keyboard Cheats – How To Use Them?

Use these commands to get advantages in Returnal.

Players who are engrossed in this intense roguelike are looking for some Returnal console commands because of how incredibly tough the game is. You’re in luck because you can use some keyboard cheats in version 1.003.001 which means you need to plug in a keyboard into your PS5. Once you do this, you will be able to get various in-game advantages and boosts with the help of Returnal Keyboard Cheats. Here’s how.

How to use Returnal Keyboard Cheats


how to use returnal keyboard cheats

Do remember that these Returnal Keyboard cheats need to be used keeping in mind that anything can happen to your game if you use the wrong one. It can crash or freeze and it can have an impact on your game saves so proceed with this in mind. Also note that avoid pressing 3 or 7 with Shift + Control because your game will crash due to it. Another thing to remember is to not use the respawn cheat after biome 3 because it will damage your progress. If this does happen, make sure to pause your game and restart cycle. As you can tell it is a bit risky to use these but if you want to go ahead, keep reading.

Returnal Keyboard Cheat to Spawn Any Gun – Shift + Control + Alt + Number key from 0 to 9


With this Returnal cheat, you can spawn new weapons. The drop will be based on your proficiency level. With your keyboard connected, press and hold Shift + Control + Alt keys and a number key for a specific weapon.

  • 0: Dreadbound
  • 1: Modified Sidearm
  • 2: Tachyomatic Carbine
  • 3: Spitmaw Blaster
  • 4: Hollowseeker
  • 5: Electropylon Driver
  • 6: Thermogenic Launcher
  • 7: Coilspine Shredder
  • 8: Rotgland Lobber
  • 9: Pyroshell Caster

Respawn with All Items – Press and Hold Shift + Control + 4 Key


You can respawn at your ship (biome 1) without losing items with the help of this Returnal keyboard cheat. This will be a godsend for people who have always wanted to respawn with items other than the permanent ones after dying. You will still have your health, adrenaline and weapon proficiency level.

Respawn at Biome 3’s Start – Press and Hold Shift + Control + 8 Key

Similar to the cheat above, you will respawn at Biome 3’s start with everything you have at that point.


This is all you need to know about Returnal keyboard cheats. If you want to progress in the game without using cheats, check out our Returnal guides on Gamer Tweak!