Soulmask: How To Restore And Get Mask Energy

Is your mask running low on energy in Soulmask? Don’t worry replenishing it is quite easy!

One of the most crucial things that the game doesn’t tell you is how you can get and restore mask energy in Soulmask. During your playthrough, you can often check the Mask Node Repair screen to find out how much energy you have left. Letting it hit zero is not a good idea, as such you will want some ways to replenish it. Luckily, you just need the right crystals for it. So below are the stones that you need and where you can find them for it:

How to Get Mask Energy in Soulmask

How To Restore Mask Energy In Soulmask
Image Credits: Quick Tips on Youtube. Get Sunstones and use them to restore Mask energy in Soulmask.

You need to use Sunstone to restore your Mask’s energy when it is about to be over. As per its in-game description, Sunstone is “A high-energy storage unit left by an unknown civilization. Only recovers 100 Energy for the current mask after use due to poor preservation.” This stone or crystal is green in color and weighs 0.5 weight. Each stack of it can contain up to 100 Sunstones.

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Where to Find Sunstone in Soulmask?

You can get Sunstones from the chests that you can find at Mysterious Ruins. As of now, it isn’t known whether you can also craft it, so exploring the ruins is your best bet for finding it. Aside from that you can also get it from NPCs. In case you have opened all of the chests but didn’t find anything, then you can wait for 10 to 20 minutes before checking the ruins again to see if new chests have spawned.

That sums up everything you should know about getting and restoring Mask energy in Soulmask. Speaking of masks you should also check our guide on how to change masks. As for help on other topics of this game, you should also check out how to catch monkeys, get premium fresh meat, and raid on official servers.