Soulmask: How To Change Masks

Wondering how you can easily change masks in Soulmask? Our guide will help you understand how you can do this.

Since this game is currently in its early access stage, players will be able to obtain ten masks. However, the developers will be adding more during the future updates. Additionally, the three early-game masks are quite easy to obtain as compared to the rest of the seven masks that you will gradually be able to collect as you progress through the game.

Similarly, while you are in the process of unlocking different masks, it is also essential to learn how you can change masks in Soulmask. If you need help with this, here’s everything you need to know about changing the mask your character is currently using.

How to Switch Masks in Soulmask

How To Switch Masks In Soulmask
Image Credits – wak4863 on YouTube

To quickly change masks in Soulmask, players will have to get the Mysterious Stone Table. You will find it in the Ancient Ruins Dungeons, and getting the table here will be easier, considering the enemies in this dungeon are not that tough to beat.

Apart from this, you can also go to other dungeons, like the Holy Ruins, to get the Mysterious Stone Table. Furthermore, before you enter the dungeon, make sure you are carrying some powerful weapons and are focusing on tackling only one enemy at a time if you are going solo.

Once you have defeated all the enemies in the dungeon and have fought the final boss, you will obtain the key to open the door that has unique loot and the table you are looking for. Hold the “E” key to pick it up, and use a mount to get it back.

Now, once you interact with Mysterious Stone Table, click on the “Masks” option. You can go through the list of masks you have unlocked and hit the “E” key to Embed/Remove. To transfer your awareness to a different mask, click on the “F” button. However, keep in mind that the red crystals won’t be transferred from one mask to another.

We have covered everything you need to know about switching your character’s masks in Soulmask. If this is your current favorite game, don’t forget to check out how you can tame NPCs and find out how you can get Feces, Premium Hardwood, and Logs.