Soulmask: How To Catch And Tame Monkeys

Want to get yourself a pet Monkey in Soulmask? This is what you can do to easily catch one!

Of the many different animals, you can also catch monkeys in Soulmask. Taming them is a nice idea as they can be an excellent source of feces. Let me elaborate: feces work as fertilizers needed to grow crops faster. Of course, that isn’t the only thing this creature is good for. You can also use it to collect fruits from specific areas. But you can’t catch it by simply running up to one and grabbing it. So this is the trap and lure you can use for it.

How to Catch Monkeys in Soulmask

How To Catch Monkeys In Soulmask
Image Credits: Stashtastique on Youtube. Use Small traps to catch monkeys in Soulmask.

You need a Small Trap to catch monkeys in this game.

  1. Go to your Building Workshop.
  2. Search for Small Trap. This building captures small animals like monkeys, parrots, or turkeys.
  3. To craft one, you will need the following materials:
    • Branch x20
    • Clay x10
    • Thick Rope x5
  4. While the traps can generally catch monkeys, you can add a lure to speed things up.
    • Add Bananas, Pineapples, or some other fruits from your inventory.
  5. Go to any area where you spot monkeys.
  6. Set up a few small traps.
  7. Next, interact with the trap’s inventory and add a Banana or any other fruit of your choice in it.
  8. Now, hide from your traps and wait for the monkeys to get caught.
  9. Once you find one inside your trap, walk up to it.
  10. Choose [Monkey] Capture.
  11. Take it back to your base and place it on the ground.
  12. You now have tamed a monkey.

How to Use Monkeys

As mentioned before, you can use monkeys to gather their feces from them and then use it on plants. Aside from that, you can also release them in areas where you would like them to gather resources. Try releasing them in the same place where you found them, as it gets you the most resources from that region.

That sums up how catching and taming monkeys works in Soulmask. Speaking of taming creatures, you should also check out how you can get a Panther. As for other guides on this game, you can also check out how to cure diseases, get bronze ingot, use aloe, and raid on official servers.