How To Reset Black Market Vendor Stock In Palworld

The Black Market Vendor has a good stock of rare and common Pals. But if they don’t meet your taste, is there a way for your to reset the inventory in Palworld? Our guide has all you will need.

If you have been playing Palworld for a while, you would have already met some of the shady guys to whom you can sell anything from Pals to even captured humans. They are none other than the Black Marketeers who are probably quite useful if you are looking to buy some rare or common Pals. However, players will get to see their inventory and if the stock is not up to their taste, they will want to reset it. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple ways to reset Black Marketeer Inventory in Palworld.

Players are more often than not disappointed with the stock that the black market vendors have in the first go. Even if you kill him and wait for him to respawn, it won’t guarantee that you will get a better stock the next time. Luckily, there is an easier way to do so and players can save themselves some time.

How to Reset Black Marketeer Inventory in Palworld

How To Reset Black Market Vendor Stock In Palworld
Players can reset Black Marketeer Inventory in Palworld with a simple restart. Image via TagBackTV (YT)

The best way to reset Black Marketeer inventory in Palworld is to simply restart the game. Once you head back to the title screen and head to your server again, you will find a completely new stock and hopefully better Pals for you to purchase. This method is way better than killing the Black Marketeer and waiting for him to respawn.

However, that is not the only method available. If players have captured a black market vendor and placed him in their base to trade, there is an easier way to get him to reset his stock. Simply put him away and then bring him to the base again. While this method does reset the inventory, players are known to encounter the Black Marketeer not respawning bug. There is a chance you might too and you can check out the fix by following the link.

Black Marketeers engage in shady business so they might be located in secluded regions like mineshafts, away from the eyes of the PIDF. However, there is a chance that players might get the Criminal Activity Underway pop up and if they commit the crime, they will need to remove the wanted status. You can check out our guides on those along with other Palworld guides right here at Gamer Tweak.