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Halo Infinite Campaign – How To Replay Missions? (Answered)

Learn how to Replay a Mission in Halo Infinite Campaign from this guide.

Halo Infinite Campaign is here and is defying the limits of what an FPS game should be. It has an amazing story that brings back the nostalgia of the 20 years Legacy. One of the best features of a Halo Game is that players can relive those moments from a story mission whenever they want, Replay Missions. In Today’s guide, I will show you how to Replay Missions in Halo Infinite Campaign.

How to Replay Missions in Halo Infinite Campaign

replay mission halo infinite campaign

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, Halo Infinite Campaign does not support the feature of Replay Mission. If you wanted to relive a certain story element, you will have to start Halo Infinite Campaign from a New Save File. Start a New File or don’t replay that mission are your only options. At least at the time of this article. This is somewhat of a letdown as prior Titles of Halo have had the option to Replay Missions pretty easily.

Since Halo Infinite Campaign has only Auto-Save, so you cannot manually save a game and replay it from that point. As you complete a significant event in the game, it will save that game state. Also, the Auto-Save kicks in pretty frequently. So, Replay Missions are not possible at the moment but I wouldn’t count it out just yet. 343 Industries has confirmed that they will be adding Co-op in Singleplayer Campaign for Halo Infinite. My guess is that they may add the Replay Mission feature in that update. Till then we will have to wait for any news relating to it, like Patch Notes.

This was all about the Replay Missions feature in Halo Infinite Campaign. Hopefully, this guide has provided the necessary information that you were looking for. You can also check our other guides on Unlock & Get Abbey Lime Weapon Coating and How To Beat Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite.