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Halo Infinite – How To Beat Chak’Lok? (Boss Fight Guide)

Going to fight Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite? Here are some tips you should know before beating him.

Halo Infinite has recently released its Campaign Mode, at the time of this article at least. In the Campaign Mode, there were many Boss Fights that the players must complete, one such Boss is Chak’Lok. You will be encountering him at the end of The Tower mission in Halo Infinite. You must beat him to complete the Recovery & The Tower mission. In this guide, I will show you how to beat Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite.

How to beat Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite

chak'lok halo infinite

Chak’Lok is the Boss you will face once you reach the end of the Recovery & The Tower mission. He uses an Energy Sword as his weapon and an Invisible Cloaking ability. Below are the main tips on how to beat Chak’Lok.

  • Use the Threat Sensor to locate Chak’Lok’s position while cloaked.
  • Utilize the Blue Shock Coils to stun him momentarily to get some Damage on him.
  • Use Pulse Weapons and Pulse Grenades to eliminate his Shields (The White Bar).
  • Equip Kinetic Weapons and any type of Grenade in Halo Infinite Damage Chak’Lok (The Red Bar).
  • Switch between the Threat Sensor and the Grappleshot to reveal his location and Kiting around him.

How to beat Chak’Lok – Explained

Chak’Lok is a rather troublesome Boss as he can go Invisible. Along with that, he charges at the player with an Energy Sword. If he is not charging at you then he is shooting at you from a distance. Occasionally, he will be chucking Grenades at your Location. The best way to deal with him is to reveal him with the Threat Sensor and then stunning him with the Blue Shock Coils. This should be your Plan of Action, deploy your Threat Sensor.

Once he is detected throw a Blue Shock Coil at his general area, I would suggest throwing it at the closest Wall or at the Floor to avoid missing him. As Chak’Lok gets stunned, start firing at him with a Pulse Weapon and throw Pulse Grenades. Once he is out of his stun, Grappleshot away from your location and away from him as well. Keep doing this till his shields are depleted. Repeat the same steps but this time fire a Kinetic Weapon to Damage his Health Bar. This is how you should Deal with him.

Every so often he will charge at you, with the Grappleshot dodge his attacks and run around the arena. If you are low on health, run away and heal up behind cover. Keep a track of your Ammo as it can get depleted pretty easily.

Once you have followed these steps, you will have beaten Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in this Boss Fight. You can check our guides on How To Defeat Bassus and How To Defeat Tremonius in Halo Infinite