Why Is Fortnite Vaulting Or Removing Trios? (Answered)

By Shubham
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Soon as this news broke out, many steadfast players are eager to find out why is Fortnite removing Trios. While this mode was previously introduced as LTM, it became a core mode due to its popularity. So, it was a bit of a surprise when Epic announced vaulting the Trios mode. With the ranked mode about to start, Trios will no longer be a team size for players to play with their squads. But why is Fortnite trios being vaulted by Epic Games Store? And will it ever return to Fortnite? Here’s where you can know why is Trios being removed or vaulted by Epic Games.

Why is Fortnite Trios Being Vaulted or Removed by Epic Games

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With the launch of the v24.40 update, the Trios team size will be officially vaulted from Fortnite. Once the update is out, Trios mode will be removed as a Team size in Battle Royale & Zero Build. The official Twitter of Fortnite Status confirmed that they will be vaulting Fortnite trios mode while sharing no additional details.

According to the Fortnite insider, @ThisIsITalk, removing Trios improves the queues for all other modes. Although Trios was initially introduced as a Limited Team Mode, it struck a chord with many players. Eventually, it became a core mode in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. But as it turns out, Epic Games Store has other plans in-line with the release of the Ranked mode.

With the Trios mode exiting from the Lobby, you can also expect many new things in the Ranked mode. But will the axed Trios make a return in Fortnite? Scroll till the end to find out.

Will Trios Return?

As of now, the Trios mode will be removed by Epic Games once the v24.40 update launches. But since Fortnite has its way of unvaulting things, Trios will most likely return in the future. If that happens soon, we will update this guide. 

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