Fortnite Car Racing Game Mode Leaked (Details Here)

Junaid Shaikh
3 Min Read

Fortnite constantly keeps evolving and adding new things to the game to keep it fresh, and a new leak might suggest there is a car racing game mode in the works. Although Epic Games haven’t said anything yet or confirmed anything, this information comes from several sources of Fortnite data miners. It seems to suggest that this car racing mode will be in-depth and detailed with its own progression. Here is what we know about it.

Fortnite Car Racing Game Mode – Details Known so far

fortnite car racing game mode leak

Fortnite car racing game mode leak comes from a popular Fortnite data miner named ShiinaBR. In a tweet, ShiinaBR shared a screenshot of some files that they had found in the game’s code. The files seem to suggest that Epic Games is working on a new car racing mode which is called “DelMar” in the game files.

There is more info in the files to uncover, for one, the mode will apparently have both competitive and casual playlists. This means that players of all skill levels will be able to enjoy the mode. Additionally, the mode will feature 18 different divisions of ranks in its competitive ranked mode.

The files also suggest that the car racing game mode will feature a garage where players can customize their cars in Fortnite. So, this means that players will be able to make their cars look and feel unique. Customization is always a key factor in racing games and makes for a major draw for racing games in general.

How will it Compete with other Racing Games?

The mode could appeal to a new audience of players who are not interested in the game’s battle royale mode. Additionally, the mode could help to keep existing players engaged with the game. Arcade racing fans may give it a shot and keep playing if it turns out to be fun and competitive.

It is also worth noting that Fortnite is not the first battle royale game to add a car racing mode. In 2021, PUBG Mobile added a car racing mode called “Racing Mode.” The mode was a success, and it helped to keep players engaged with the game.

So, that is all the information known so far from the Fortnite car game mode leak. If you drive and race cars in Fortnite already, you might want to know how to refuel cars in Fortnite and how to turn on the car radio in Fortnite.

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