How to Refuel Cars in Fortnite Gas Stations?

Fortnite has added Cars and they have limited fuel tanks. To use them you will have to refill the gas and here is a guide on Gas Station Map Location.

Fortnite Cars update has introduced a free ride for the players but with some restrictions. You can cover up for distances using cars parked on the roads or in different vicinity. Fortnite Joy Ride Update has added the four-wheeler in the game, but with a condition to refuel them as you drive away. The safest way to use Car is to keep an eye on the nearby Gas Stations. Instead of walking or running around to dodge opponents, a ride can be a faster escape route. So here is a guide on how to find Gas Stations in Fortnite and how to refuel cars.

Tips to find and Use Gas Stations in Fortnite

Fuel pumps are age-old locations in Fortnite Maps. We had before seen many empty fuel stations scattered around in different regions. It is not that complicated to find Gas Stations in Fortnite the issue is to remember the regions where they are placed exactly. It is best to avoid a route that has a Gas Station far away. Also, it is not a good idea to crash your car in the gas station, it will explode. I am sharing the exact location of Gas stations you can find in various regions of Fortnite.

Fortnite Gas Station Location

The above map screenshot will help you to find Gas Stations in the Northern area of the Maps. Fuel Pumps are commonly located near Frenzy Farm, Salty Springs, roads the cross the Pleasant Park, and more. So if you are in this region you can track down the roads in the center and northern regions to locate various gas stations to refuel cars.

Fortnite Gas Station Location

How to Refuel Cars at the Gas Stations?

After stopping at the fuel stations, then press RT/ R2/ RMB. Park your car near to the fuel station and press the relevant keys to simply refuel the gas tank. You have to wait until the fuel tank fills up to 100%. This is where you are vulnerable to attacks. So beware and approach the fuel stations when there is no one nearby.

The big problem with Fortnite Gas Stations is that they are high explosives. If you are filling up gas and some tracked you down and attacks it will explode. If you crash your car in the gas station it will explode ending your game on the spot. Also if you can survive you will face a high amount of damage.

You can now use this guide to simply locate all the Gas Stations in Fortnite and also know what necessary things to consider before starting to fill up the Gas. Getting bored while driving cars then why not play some music. Cars have a radio and there are 4 radio stations you can tune into. Click the link to more about playing songs in Fortnite while driving cars.