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How To Easily Turn On The Car Radio In Fortnite

Now you can turn on the car radio in Fortnite and listen to music while roaming around the city.

Epic Games has finally added cars in the latest update of Fortnite. They have added some interesting new features in Fortnite, and one of them is Car Radio. Soon after the release of the latest update, Epic Games had to temporarily disable the Car Radio Stations due to a bug. But they have fixed the bug and are back with a bang. If you are wondering how to start Car Radio in Fortnite and how to switch between radio stations, here’s your guide.

Fortnite Car Radio: How to Turn it On?

  1. Yes, now you can hop into a car and listen to background music. There have been cars in Fortnite before but only to gather some extra metals. Instead, now you can simply hop into the driver’s seat and listen to music while roaming around. When you get close to a car, the commands to enter the car will pop up.
  2. The commands are similar to entering any other vehicle like a motorboat or a helicopter. To enter into the car in PC you will have to press and hold E and in PS4 you will have to Press X.
  3. Once you are in the car, you will see the commands on the bottom left to either turn the Car Radio on or off, or switch between the Radio stations. To switch between the radio stations, you can press R on PC, X on PS4, A on Xbox One, and B on Nintendo Switch.

Radio Stations in Fortnite: How many are there?

Currently, there are four Fortnite Radio Stations, which are:

  • Party Royale
  • Beat Box
  • Radio Yonder
  • Power Play

The Car Radio in Fortnite plays a mix of game songs and the ones performed by popular artists who have tied up with Fortnite. For example, you can listen to Drake songs on the Beat Box radio station. Party Royale will have songs of artists who get featured in Fortnite’s Party Royale hub zone like Diplo or Marshmello.

That all you need to know about how to turn on the car radio in Fortnite. You might be interested in some of our other guides and updates on Fortnite, such as how to launch the ship in Fortnite or how to complete the rapid rest challenge in Fortnite?