How to launch the Ship in Fortnite?

An ancient ship has appeared in Fortnite. Does it work or is it just a showpiece? We will debunk the question in this guide and find out how to launch the ship.

Fortnite is always full of surprises, sometime LTM events, sometimes cars and sometimes some ancient ship just appear from nowhere. An ancient ship has appeared in Fortnite and to launch it you will need to find its missing part. If you had found the ship and wondering where it can take you then keep reading this guide. I will help you with finding the missing ship parts and how to launch it.

Where to find the Ship in Fortnite?

Fortnite Ancient Ship Location

Starting with the basic question for those who had yet not seen it, the ship is on the small piece of land on the northeast of Craggy Cliffs. If you are unable to track this out then check the map below. It is a remote island you can reach easily if you follow the marker on the map screenshot above. The ships seem submerged in the water below and now as the water recedes it appears crashed on the ground.

Where to find Ship’s Missing Parts?

To launch the Ship in Fortnite you will have to first find it and this triggers another mission. A mission of finding three missing parts of the ship.

  • The Battery
  • Heat Shield
  • Thruster

Thankfully all the parts nearby and easy to locate. I will share the exact details of where you have to search for how to find the part of the missing ship.

Ancient Ship Battery Location:

Fortnite Battery Location

Search in the shallow water in the southeast direction of the ship. Refer to the map location, there is a tiny pond of shallow water. Walk over it until you see the collect battery icon on the screen.

Ancient Ship Heat Shield Location:

Fortnite Hot Shield Location

The heat shield is further towards the right corner, look for the rock, and break it. You will find the heat shield inside it.

Ancient Ship Thruster Location:

Fortnite Thruster Location

The thruster is attached to a mountain wall near the road. You have to build a platform to climb and collect it. Just follow the map location and you will find the final missing part of the ship in Fortnite.

How to Launch the Ship in Fortnite?

Finally after finding all the three parts interact with the three broken sections of the ship to repair it. Two are on the right-wing and one the engine part. Look for green glowing lights and place the parts. The ship is ready for the flight. Interact with the ship to trigger a countdown. You will have to make sure no other player must interfere with the ship.

Just guard it and once the countdown is over the Fortnite Ship Challenge is completed. It is said that you cannot ride the ship neither you can ride on it. It is just a part of the Fortnite Challenge. Similar to Ball of Yarn challenge which does not do anything. Players just have to find three balls of yarn to complete a simple weekly challenge.