Where to find three 3 Balls of Yarn in Catty Corner – Fortnite

To complete one of the Week 7 Challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 you will have to find three balls of yarn in the Catty Corner region. Here is a guide on the location of each ball.

With various challenges to complete, finding Balls of Yarn in the Fortnite Catty Corner region can be a hurdle. It is an easy challenge, all you have to do is located three Balls of Yarn in Catty Corner. There are many in different areas of the region, to save your time I will share the exact locations of where to look for these balls of Yarn and complete the challenge.

Catty Corner Balls of Yarn Locations in Fortnite

Balls of Yarns are hidden in various locations, I am going to mark down the locations below with direction where to look for them. Following the direction will make this challenge easier to complete. Remember to break some roofs to reach the top floor, construct a platform to climb up on high places to grab the Ball of Yarns in Fortnite. You just have to find three of them and done, the challenge is completed.

Balls of Yarn Location Fortnite

  • Balls of Yarn Location 1 – When you land near Catty Corner area go towards a little south of the house with sign Big Shots on it. Look on the watch tower and you will find the first Ball of Yarn in Catty Corner.
  • Balls of Yarn Location 2 – The second one is in the house, go to the first floor.

Balls of Yarn Location Fortnite

  • Balls of Yarn Location 3 – Search on the right corner of the fuel pump on the left of Big Shots.
  • Balls of Yarn Location 4 – Go to the first floor and look on the left of Sofa you will find one more Ball of Yarn.

So this is how you can find Balls of Yarn in Fortnite and complete the Week 7 Challenge easily. If you are looking forward to trying out some new emotes the why not Verve Emote. Available for Limited Time, the emote displays some cool move you can try on friends.