Fortnite Rapid Rest Challenge Guide – How to Complete?

Fortnite Rapid Rest Challenge is a simple mission to break down rocks on a specific location. Looks straight forward but can be tricky to complete, here is how to do that?

To complete Rapid’s Rest challenge in Fortnite, you will have to break down some stones. It is one of the challenges from Fortnite Week 7 challenges and easy to finish. But it can be tricky because Rapid Rest is a mysterious place to find. In this article, you can learn about where to find Rapid Rest, and how to complete the Fortnite Rapid Rest Challenge.

Where to find Rapid Rest in Fortnite?

Rapid Rest is located on the east of Lazy Lake. A very small space on the river, look for kayaks. It is an indicator that you are somewhere nearby to Rapid Rest. Land there and start breaking the big stones using a pickaxe. The problem with the challenge is that sometime you will not see the name of the location on the Map.

This makes it tough to find and complete, you can just blindly roam in the open world wasting a lot of time. Rapid Rest is an extremely simple challenge where you just have to break stones. That’s it after getting it completed you will see the objective gets a right tick check mark.

Another problem with Fortnite Rapid’s Rest challenge is that there is no info on how many rocks to break. You just have to keep breaking them until you see a notification that the challenge is completed. There are many big rocks around the hut and the boats, so finding them is not hard once you are on the right spot.

Third problem is you are defenseless when you are breaking the rocks to complete Rapid’s Rest challenge. You have to take care, when you are doing this there must not be anyone around. If there was an indicator like you have to break 5 rocks or 10 rocks this challenge would be a lot easier. However, this vital information is not attached to the mission.

So keep breaking and you will be able to cut this out from your list. Another challenge finding 3 balls of yarn is extremely simple to complete. There are many challenges like this, but certain requirements make them tough to complete. Hopefully, our guide will help you to complete the Rapid Rest challenge in Fortnite.