Why Was Clix Banned From Fortnite?

Famous Fortnite streamer Clix was seemingly banned from Fortnite recently, let’s learn why.

Cody Conrod aka ‘Clix’ was recently banned from Fortnite. Clix is a popular streamer who is often seen playing Fortnite and has made a fanbase from that game. He started streaming as a teen in his room and is now 18 years old. With dreams of becoming a pro esports player, Clix learned all there is in Fortnite. He quickly amassed fame with his skills in Fortnite. So, since Fortnite is such an important part of his career as a whole, it made waves when he was banned from it.

Why Clix was Banned from Fortnite?

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Clix was Banned from Fortnite for ‘Teaming’ as the reason given by Epic. Although Clix claims this is not true, he has been given a 2-week ban for this. This also means that he won’t be able to play in the Fortnite Championship Series leaving him disqualified. The Fortnite Championship Series has a huge total prize pool of $10 million. It is even going to have a massive LAN match for its finals which Clix won’t be able to be a part of.

According to Clix, it was a stream sniper that was trying to help him. So, if looked at the stream replay, it would seem as if Clix was teaming up with the player as the player was throwing items at him and trying to help him. According to the rules, taking help from another player by picking the item they dropped is considered teaming. And, this is exactly what Clix ended up doing.

Clix seemed a little disappointed with the 2-week ban. This is what he said, “I did break the rules right there, but I feel two weeks is a little bit too harsh and I would be happy with a seven-day or three-day, or even a warning, where I can play the next FNCS”.

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