When Is Bloodborne Getting A PC Port?

Here is what you should know about the Bloodborne port for PC.

From Software fans all over have been asking for a Bloodborne port for PC. And there have often been rumors of it being in preparation or getting canceled. But what is really going on? So here is everything you should know about its porting and its release date.

Is Bloodborne Getting a PC Port?

when is bloodborne releasing on pc

Unfortunately no, at the time of writing this article, there is no known information of a Bloodborne port coming to PC. Bloodborne was released back in 2015, so there has been plenty of time for Bloodborne to get a PC port. But as things are going, there is a very low chance that Bloodborne will be getting a PC version anytime soon.

This has also been confirmed by Jeff Grubb on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast. In it when asked about “what is happening with Bloodborne” he answers that “nothing is happening” and that From Software happens to be busy with Elden Ring. And the port is not possible because of the game’s messy code. In order to port it, From Software will need to actively work with developer porting it.

And while this podcast happened 6 months ago, the part of them being busy is still applicable today if we consider the upcoming projects like Elden Ring DLC or Armored Core 6.

The reason why many people would expect its PC version to release, despite it being a PS4 exclusive is the recent trend of PS-exclusive games coming to PC. It started first with Horizon Zero Dawn, PC has seen the release of many PlayStation exclusives and even big titles like God of War and The Last of Us.

But as of now, there is no official release date for when Bloodborne is coming to PC.

Can You Play Bloodborne on PC?

No, you cannot play Bloodborne on PC. There isn’t even a remaster for it for the PS5. So it is further unlikely that there will be a PC port for it anytime soon. But there is a chance that a port for it might start developing once Bloodborne 2 announces.

That is everything known so far about the Bloodborne port for PC and its release. For more such news on gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.