Will There Be A Portal 3? (Rumor & Speculations)

Shreyansh Shah
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Are you wondering if there will ever be a Portal 3? Then check out this guide for all the latest rumors and speculations. Since 2011, players are waiting for a sequel to the successful Portal 2. However, Valve has been absolutely tight-lipped on it almost as if they weren’t even thinking of it. But does that mean that there will be a sequel or have they already moved on from it? We recommend you keep reading below for all these speculations.

Will Portal 3 Ever Release?

Portal 3 Getting a Release

It’s quite difficult to answer this question with a yes or a no since there is no indication from Valve. Since Valve has been focusing on games like CS: GO, we cannot see a Portal 3 any time soon. It seemed that they had moved on from the single player story driven gameplay games.

However, fans of the Portal series have been given a new life since former Valve writer Erik Wolpaw returned to the company years after leaving it. While this might indicate that the gaming giants might gear up for Portal 3, a lack of evidence apart from this might creep in doubts. Since Erik Wolpaw is famous for his work, he might have returned for some other project.

During an interview, Erik Wolpaw pretty much said that “We’ve got to start Portal 3”. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since everyone at Valve is busy with some or the other project. So the best thing that fans of the Portal series can do is to wait for some official word and hope that we can get a sequel soon.

That’s all the speculations on Portal 3 and whether the sequel will ever release. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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