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Jagged Alliance 3 Smiley: How To Recruit

Want a free merc for your team? Here is a guide on how to hire Smiley in Jagged Alliance 3.

If you are looking for an All-Rounder class in Jagged Alliance 3, then you should definitely recruit Smiley. Players will always have to shell out a huge amount of money to recruit as well as extend contracts of mercenaries in the game. Luckily, Alejandro “Smiley” Diaz is one of the free mercs that you can hire. Though he might have average stats, he’s definitely a worthwhile investment. However, hiring Smiley is far from easy as you will have to complete a series of quests that ends with a grueling battle at Boss Blaubert’s mansion. Our guide below will show you the steps to recruit this free character easily.

How to Recruit Smiley in Jagged Alliance 3

hire smiley in jagged alliance 3

You can recruit Smiley by defeating Boss Blaubert and his enforcers in Jagged Alliance 3. Smiley can be hired for free by completing his recruitment quest. The quest can be started by visiting Pantagruel Slums and talking to Maman Liliane. Here, you will learn that Smiley’s love interest – Mollie – has disappeared out of thin air.

You will then have to take up Boss Blaubert’s quest of rescuing Luigi from the Good Place. Once you return back to the mansion, Luigi will hint that he wants to kill Blaubert. You now have the opportunity to pick sides. If you help Boss Blaubert defeat Luigi and his bodyguard, you will then get the best Melee weapon in Jagged Alliance 3.

Smiley’s Location in Jagged Alliance 3

To find Smiley, head to Fleatown La Bou to talk with the Priest. You will now discover that the Priest has hidden Smiley. You will have to defeat all enemies and rescue him. Finally, you will reach the hardest part of the mission where you will need to help Smiley defeat Blaubert and his men. Once you reach the mansion, you will be surrounded by many “Strong” and “Very Strong” enforcers.

First, deal with the enforcers carrying shotguns near the garden. You will also have to take down enemies that target Smiley. For the Boss Blaubert fights in Jagged Alliance 3, you must have Mercs that specialize in Explosive and Marksman Skills or any other abilities that can help you get combo kills and AoE damage. Once you kill all enemies, Mollie will be freed and Smiley will join your team of Mercs as promised.

That’s everything you need to know on how to recruit Smiley in Jagged Alliance 3. We hope that you were able to get your free mercenary. While you’re here, you will also be interested to find out the best starting Mercs in the game. You can also check out how to recruit Pierre and Flay in Jagged Alliance 3.