Jagged Alliance 3: How To Get Flay (Recruit Guide)

Recruit Flay with this Jagged Alliance 3 guide and get the free mercenary.

Use this guide to recruit Flay of Jagged Alliance 3 if you require a good marksman. Flay is one of the easiest secret mercenaries that players unlock in the game and he is free. You just need to complete some tasks and meet one requirement. Once you satisfy these conditions, you will be able to have a conversation with him and will convince him to join your team. We have given tips for meeting requirements fast and saving your time, so read along.

How to Get Flay in Jagged Alliance 3

Get Flay In Jagged Alliance 3

There are two things you need to do to get Flay on your team: complete Hyena’s task and get a member with Wisdom points above 90 in your team. You can increase wisdom through grinding or just hire a Mercenary with high Wisdom Attribute till you have obtained Flay in the game.

To get the quest you have to first visit sector C5 Poacher Camp. There you have to kill some enemies and then speak to the leader of the camp “Hyena” Gilbert. The camp leader will tell you about his trouble and talk about how his former companion is now hunting poachers. And then Hyena will ask you to find Flay and kill him to stop this hunt. He will also give you some tips for tracking down the location of Jagged Alliance 3 Flay.

Search around to find the bodies of three poachers. You will find the first body in the east of the camp. And the remaining two in the B4. Once you have interacted with the third corpse, Flay will appear in front of you. Talk to him and convince him to join your team.

This is all for the Jagged Alliance 3 Flay recruit guide and tips. If you found this interesting and are looking for more Jagged Alliance 3 guides to recruit mercs, get ammo, quest walkthroughs, and builds, then skim through our site.