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How To Recruit Minthara In Baldur’s Gate 3 (Companion Guide)

Not sure if you should add Minthara to your party in Baldur's Gate 3, then here's all you need to know about.

If you are having second thoughts about whether should you recruit Minthara in BG3 or not, then you’re not alone. That’s because this Lolth-Sword Drow character is quite ruthless when it comes to Druid Grove. And adding her to the party may make your relationship with some other companions bitter. But if that’s the risk you want to take, then we’ll help you out with it. Below you’ll find all the details you need to recruit Minthara as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 easily.

How Can I Recruit Minthara in BG3

How To Recruit Minthara In Baldur’s Gate 3 (Companion Guide) bg3 how to add to your party steps

The option to recruit Minthara as a companion in BG3 only comes in Act 2. But to make it happen, you’ll have to work your way from the start. That means you’ll not only have to take decisions she likes but also help her attack Druid Grove. For your convenience below we have explained the process in steps.

  1. In Act 1, head to Goblin Camp located fat west of Druid Grove.
  2. Next, meet Minthara and help her with the location to find Druid Grove.
  3. Not only that, fight alongside her and betray the Druid Grove & Tiefling people.
  4. While doing that make sure you don’t free Halsin located in the Warg Pens, as it can ruin your relationship with Minthara.
  5. And once the slaughtering ends, you’ll be congratulated by Minthara which surely indicates her rising approval.
  6. During the celebration, you’ll even get a chance to romance Minthara.
  7. After this, you’ll also learn her plan about going to Moonrise Towers, and that brings us to the Act 2 of the game. Here you’re halfway through the process to recruit Minthara as a Companion in BG3.

How Can I Recruit Minthara in BG3 companion baldur's gate 3 add to party what to do

  1. In Act 2, at Moonrise Towers you’ll find Minthara being questioned and tortured.
  2. Here you have to save Minthara from the torturers by using Intimidation or any other option that’ll work.
  3. Once you successfully make the torturers leave, she may get imprisoned.
  4. In that case, you’ll have to enter her mind and help her escape the prison.
  5. And once that’s done, she’ll meet you outside the Moonrise Towers and you’ll get the option to invite her to your camp.
  6. And as soon as you do that, the game allows you to recruit Minthara as your companion.

But don’t forget, doing so will ruin your relationship with all the party members except Astarion & Lae’zel. However, it’ll surely be worth it as Minthara’s Stat brings many things to the table.

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That covers everything about how you can recruit Minthara as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). If you’re planning to skip this character and recruit some other one, then check out how to recruit Halsin in the game. Also, take a look at some of the Best Builds for each class in BG3.