Minecraft Education Edition Recipes Guide

Craft color Torches, Sparklers, Bleach, and more with this Minecraft Education Edition recipes list.

Try these Minecraft Education edition recipes to learn chemical formulas and their structure. Minecraft has never stopped amazing us since the time of its launch. This edition especially is very fascinating, as it inspires creative learning. There are recipes from basic day-to-day elements, compounds, materials, and components like Bleach to unique items like Heat Block. From element creation to reducing their component elements, you get to do all, making chemistry more fun and understandable.

All Minecraft Education Edition Recipes for Brewing and Crafting

Recipes List Minecraft Education Edition

You start by building elements in the Element Constructor by choosing the required number of protons, electrons, and neutrons. You can create 118 elements and over 400 isotopes with it. So first create the elements using this Minecraft element chart. Second, use the Compound creator to create elements like Ammonia, Latex, Crude Oil, and more. Once you have collected all the ingredients. Use the lab table, crafting table, and brewing stand to create the listed recipes of Minecraft Education Edition.

Recipes to Create on Lab Table

  • Bleach: Water x3 + Sodium Hypochlorite x3
  • Heat Block: Iron + Water + Charcoal +Salt
  • Ice Bomb: Sodium Acetate x4
  • Super Fertilizer: Ammonia + Phosphorus

Crafting Table Recipes of Education Edition

  • Blue Torch: Cerium Chloride + Torch
  • Red Torch: Mercuric Chloride + Torch
  • Purple Torch: Potassium Chloride + Torch
  • Green Torch: Tungsten Chloride + Torch
  • Glow Stick: Colored dye + Polyethylene x6 + Luminol + Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Orange Sparklers: Calcium Chloride + Magnesium + Stick
  • Blue Sparklers: Cerium Chloride + Magnesium + Stick
  • Red Sparklers: Mercuric Chloride + Magnesium + Stick
  • Purple Sparklers: Potassium Chloride + Magnesium + Stick
  • Green Sparklers: Tungsten Chloride + Magnesium + Stick
  • Hardened Glass Panes and Blocks: Aluminum Oxide x3 + Stained Glass Pane/Block x3 + Boron Trioxide x3
  • White Balloon: Latex x6 + Bone Meal + Helium + Lead
  • Blue Balloon: Latex x6 + Lapis Lazuli + Helium + Lead
  • Brown Balloon: Latex x6 + Cocoa Beans + Helium + Lead
  • Black Balloon: Latex x6 + Ink Sac + Helium + Lead
  • Underwater Torches: Magnesium + Torch

Brewing Recipes in Minecraft Education Edition

  • Awkward Potion: Nether Wart + Blaze Powder + Water Bottle
  • Antidote: Silver + Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion
  • Elixir: Cobalt + Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion
  • Eye Drop: Calcium + Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion
  • Tonic: Bismuth + Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion

These are all the Minecraft education edition recipes to craft and brew. If you found this recipe list useful, you should check our Minecraft guides. And start by reading how to use Minecraft Skin Compiler and the custom Skins guide.