RE3 Remake Clock Tower Puzzle Solution – Jewel Location Guide

Unlock Power Stones Trophy

At the subway, there is a Clock Tower which requires three jewels Red, Green, and Blue. By finding these you can unlock free items that include explosives, or a shotgun upgrade. You will see the Clock Tower after talking to Carlos. He will ask you to Reactivate the power of the subway station. While heading to the streets you will come across the Clock Tower puzzle on the left corner near a typewriter. To unlock items from this gadget you will need to find three jewels that are inside a fancy box. In short, you will need all three fancy box locations to get the gems. Here is an RE3 Fancy Box location guide that will help you in solving this puzzle.

Subway Clock Tower Commemoration Puzzle Solution:

Here are all three Red, Blue, and Green Gem locations. After finding every jewel you have to return back to this Clock Tower and place to unlock an item. There are random items unlocked in this puzzle, you may get explosive, inventory upgrades or weapon upgrades.

Fancy Box Location 1 – Where to find the Red Jewel “Ruby”?

Red Gem Location RE3 Remake

After reaching the streets from Subway, Carlos will ask you to cross an ally which is on fire.  On your right, a new path will open that leads to Moon’s Donut. Ente the kitchen on the left of the cash counter, a first fancy box with Red ruby is inside this room. Collect the Fancy box and go in the inventory, select Examine to remove the ruby.

What does Red Ruby Jewel unlocks in RE3 Remake?

  • Hand Grenade or 
  • Hip Pouch

Fancy Box Location 2 – Where to find Blue Jewel?

Blue Gem Location RE3 Remake

Blue Jewel is very easy to locate in Resident 2 Remake. It is the store near Lone Wolf signal on the street. But you will need to unlock the Bolt Cutter tool for this, the door of the store is locked with chains. To cut the chains you will need this tool and here is a guide on how to unlock bolt cutter in RE3 Remake. Bolt Cutter is located in the ally that is on fire, inside a repair room. To put down the fire you will need a Fire Hose, which is into a different room. Refer our guide on how to stop the fire in Ally to get the location of the fire hose, so that you can proceed to get a bolt cutter.

After getting the bolt cutter from the street look on the right end side for a Lone Wolf sign. Interact with the door and from inventory choose Boltcutter. The fancy box is on the front table. This one has a blue jewel.

What does Blue Jewel unlock in RE3 Remake?

  • Using Blue Jewel in the Clock Tower Commemoration will unlock a Shotgun Upgrade. A custom part for M3 Shotgun that reduces recoil and offers high accuracy. 

Check our guide on how to unlock shotgun in RE3 Remake for more details.

Fancy Box Location 3 – Where to find Green Jewel?

For the last jewel, you will need to unlock the Lock Picking Ability. Check the link to unlock this ability then here is where you can find the third and final fancy box in RE3 Remake. From the store where you found Blue Jewel, that is Fancy Box two look on the opposite side. There is a toy store, there is a lock on the door. Use lock pick to unlock and then look on the left side on the counter for the final fancy box.

What does Green Jewel unlock in RE3 Remake?

  • Hand Grenade or 
  • Hip Pouch

By finding all the three jewels you will also unlock the Power Stones trophy. Have fun completing this puzzle and stay tuned for more updates on RE3 Remake.

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