How To Unlock Shotgun In RE3 Remake – Bolt Cutter Location

Want to cut chains and get the first gun in Resident Evil 3 Remake, read our guide for full details.

During your main mission Reactivate power at the substation you will have to find a fire hose to put down the fire in the alley. Also on your way, if you had checked all the rooms properly you can find a shotgun. Compared to a handgun which is less effective against zombies, a shotgun will be way more powerful. This guide is going to answer three questions. First, you will learn how to find a shotgun? second how to find a bolt cutter tool to unlock the gun? and the third how to craft shotgun ammo. Let’s being.

How to find Bolt Cutter Tool in RE3 Remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlock Bolt Cutter

We will start with finding the tool first, this will allow you to cut down the chains. For this, you have to stop the fire in the ally so that you can access the repair room on your left. Click the link for fire hose location, which is the most important thing to find to complete this objective. After stopping the fire, walk left and enter the repair room. Bolt Cutter tool is right in the front, collect it and now we will proceed with unlocking the shotgun.

How to unlock Shotgun in RE3 Remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlock Shotgun

Use the Moon’s Donut back door to reach the backside, take the yellow door on your right end, near the crashed trailer. Turn left and go right stairs, you will be inside the Subway companies office. Where on the chair you will find Kite Bros. Railway Manual. Exit this office using its main entrance, and go left there is one more room. This is the exact same place where you find Fire Hose. This room has shotgun locked behind chains, use the bolt cutter tool to unlock it.

How to craft a Shotgun Ammo?

To craft Shotgun Ammo in RE3 Remake you will need High-Grade Gunpowder. This will be found in many places, but here is one exact location. High-Grade Gun powder is located in a pharmacy. From Moon’s Donut, take stairs on the right. Turn left, and walk till the end. Exit the room with a green door from the backside and you will see the pharmacy. Look on the shelves, you will also find a poster on the left end which has the unlock code for share that has Handgun Scope Upgrade.

  • 1x High-Grade Gun Powder
  • 1x Gun Powder

Using crafting you will need to combine regular Gun Powder with High-Grade gun powder to craft shotgun ammo.

How to upgrade Shotgun?

RE3 Remake Shotgun Upgrade

To upgrade shotgun in RE3 Remake you will need a Custom part that is inside the Clock Tower Puzzle in the subway. For this, you will have to find a Blue Jewel, the part offers low recoil and high accuracy. Check our Clock Tower Puzzle solution guide for more details on this part.