How To Stop Fire in Alley For Transmission Tower Path – RE3 Remake Guide

Here is how you can find the fire hose to unlock path towards the transmission tower in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

After meeting Carlos who will take you to the shelter, your next job is to Reactivate power at the substation. The alley that leads to the Transmission tower is on fire and you have to stop it first. This is a kind of puzzle because to stop the fire you will need a fire hose, which you can connect to a hydrant and put on the fire in the alley. So here is an RE3 Remake guide on where you can find the fire hose to stop the fire in the alley.

How to stop the fire in the alley towards the Transmission tower?

When you are out you will see a small cutscene that reveals the alley blocked by fire, and in second cutscene a new path opens up on your right. There are two ways to find the fire hose. First walking into Moon’s Donut and exiting from the backside. There will be a yellow door on your left end if that door is locked then you have to use the second path.

RE3 Remake Ally Fire Puzzle

On the right of Moon’s Donuts, there is a staircase. Inside Moon’s Donut visit the kitchen to get the red gem inside a fancy box. You have to take the stairs on the right of this building. Take the first left, that leads to a green door.

RE3 Remake Ally Fire Puzzle

Inside this building, there is a safe, read our guide to learn the safe combination. From the safe turn left and take another one for a while door. On the right, there is another green door that will take you to the other side of the building. The fire hose is inside Kite Bros Railway. The building with a yellow door. Fire hose is on the ground, keep your inventory space empty to collect it. In the end, there is an office where you can find a hand grenade inside a locker and a shotgun. It is locked and to cut the chain you will need a bolt, check our guide on how to find bolt tool to cut chains for more details.

Collect the hose and return back to the ally, a shortcut is using Moon’s Donut. Just return back to the alley, and connect the fire hose to the hydrant. In the repair rooms in the ally well give you bolt cutter, now you can cut chains and unlock that shotgun.