Unlock Handgun Upgrade Dot Sight & Safe Code – RE3 Remake Guide

Here is how you can upgrade handgun in Resident Evil 3, a scope that is hidden in a safe.

During the main mission Reactivate power at the substation in Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will come across a safe that has a Handgun Upgrade. The regular handgun has a big corsair and Dot Sight upgrade gives you high accuracy in shooting down zombies. This upgrade is free but it is locked inside a safe. In this RE3 Remake guide, I will tell you about where you can find the safe as well what is the safe code to unlock it.

RE3 Remake Handgun Upgrade Safe Location:

RE3 Remake Ally Fire Puzzle

Carlos will tell you to put down the fire in the ally to proceed towards the Transmission Tower. To stop the fire you will need fire hose, so click the link to know how to find one. The safe that has handgun upgrade Dot Sight which is scope is located on the right of Moon’s Donut.  Take the stairs on the right walk left towards the green door.

 RE3 Remake Safe Code

To find the safe code, exit this room using the white door in the left corner. Turn right for another door, and enter the Pharmacy. On the left end, there is a poster of medicine Aqua Cure with a phone number and a few are circled. That is the safe code. If you want to skip this step then just type the safe code shared below.

RE3 Remake Handgun Upgrade Safe Code:

RE3 Remake Safe Code

The safe code to unlock Handgun upgrade Dot Sight is 937. Just return to the safe or you can input this directly to unlock the upgrade. Dot Sight is a scope that offers you max accuracy in killing enemies using the hard gun. A pretty