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How to Unlock Lock Pick In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Location of Lock Pick tool that will allow you to unlock locks.

In Resident Evil 3 important items are locked behind doors with chains or yellow locks. You will need two things to access them first is a Bolt Cutter and second a Lock Pick tool that will allow you to break locks in RE3 Remake. In this guide, I will show where exactly you can find the tool and unlock lock picking ability in Resident Evil 3 Remake. But before you have not got the Bolt Cutter – click the link above. For Lock, Pick tool continue reading this guide.

How to open locks in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

The Lock Pick tool is located in the Subway Station. During your main objective Reactivate Power at the Sub Station, you have to cross a ally blocked by fire. The fire can be stopped by attaching a hose to the hydrant. The repair room at the end of the alley has the Boltcutter tool, after taking that exit from the door on the left corner. You are now in Garage, exit from the door above the stairs and cross the alley till you see a crashed police car.

On the way, you will be attacked by a few dogs. Turn left from the police car and look for a fence door. There is another door behind the fence that will take you inside Subway Station. The station has one important upgrade you cannot miss. A Hip Pouch, that will increase your inventory slot by 2. Look at the right corner. Collect the pouch and exit this station from the door on the extreme left of consoles.

RE3 Remake Lock Pick Tool Location

Go down, turn around and walk till the end. Collect the box from a corpse and unlock Lock Pick’s ability. Whenever you came across a door with a lock use this tool to unlock it. This is how you can open locks in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

The Subway Station has four consoles with maps. Each map point to a power switch and the power grid is infested with a deadly spider. Check our guide on how to complete RE3 Remake Reactivate Reactivate Power at the Sub Station Mission to learn more.