Baldur’s Gate 3: What Is Radiating Orb?

Wondering what Radiating orb is in BG3 or what it does? Don’t worry here is a quick explanation of this status effect.

If you have been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 for a while or have been checking out various Reddit posts chances are you must have come across Radiating Orb in BG3. While it might sound like an item, it in fact is a status effect or rather a condition that affects both your party and mainly the enemies on depending how you use it. But when you use it with the right build and stack its effects, it becomes quite broken. So here is a quick explanation of how it works.

What is Radiating Orb in BG3?

How To Use Radiating Orb In BG3
Image Credits: Vincent Van Games on YouTube. Use Luminous Armour to inflict Radiating Orb to your enemy in BG3.

As mentioned before Radiating Orb is a status effect, any entity affected by it has -1 to their Attack Rolls for every remaining turn. Another thing it does is it sheds a bright light on the surrounding area. This light is also considered Daylight, so all the creatures that are sensitive/weak to Sunlight will be affected by this Bright Light.

The best part about Radiating Orb is you can Stack its effects by using other items that apply this condition.

How to Use Radiating Orb in Baldur’s Gate 3

You need to equip the armor and accessories or use weapons that apply Radiating Orb when using the associated skills. The items that apply it include:

  • Boots of Stormy Clamour (Boots)
  • Callous Glow Ring (Ring)
  • Coruscation Ring (Ring)
  • Fabricated Arbalest (Heavy Crossbow)
  • Luminous Armour (Heavy Armor)
  • Luminous Gloves (Gloves)
  • The Sacred Star (Morningstar)

That is all for what the Radiating orb is in Baldur’s Gate 3 and how it works. Speaking of overpowered effects and builds you should check out our guide on the best Gloomstalker Assassin build for this game. As for help on other topics you can also check our guides on if you should kneel to Vlaakith, kill Valeria, and kill Aelis Siryasius.