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Elden Ring PVP Tips & Tricks To Win

Worried about losing in a Duel or invasion? Here's our guide on the tips and tricks for PVP matches in Elden Ring.

Have you ever been invaded by a random player in Elden Ring? Although it can be an invading NPC or a random player from a different world, PVP matches can be one hell of a ride. There are three types of PVP matches. While co-operative matches allow you to get help from your friends, competitive matches allow you to defeat an enemy of a different world. Invasions are a crazier set of fights allowing to invade different worlds or be invaded. So, here’s our guide on PvP tips and tricks to win in Elden Ring.

Tips And Tricks for PVP Matches in Elden Ring


Before we begin with tips, make sure to have a Bloody Finger to invade another player’s world. If you want to be invaded by other players, use a Taunter’s Tongue. Check out our guide on how to invade other players for more details. Mentioned below are essential tips and tricks to get through PVP matches.

Not a PvE

  • Given the PvE nature in the game, many players think of PvP as defeating bosses.
  • But these players can be experienced or veteran players waiting to crush your Tarnished build
  • The player you are pitted against can dodge, defend, and strategically use attacks to defeat you.
  • Thus, the build you have created for an optional or buffed boss might not work during an invasion.
  • Players you will be facing are not NPCs but players like you.
  • When it comes to PVP, you need to strategize more as you don’t know who you are against.
  • This makes it more exciting and challenging spontaneously.


Good PVP build

  • Focus on all the factors while creating a PVP build against other players.
  • As one of the admins of the PVP discord group said, there is zero room for error.
  • The recommended level for invasions is at least level 125 or above.
  • These are the types of equipment and stats you need to focus on while creating a build:
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Talisman
    • Attribute points

You can also check out our guide on the best PVP builds to use in Elden Ring.


Expect losing more

  • As you will encounter a real player during PVP matches, you cannot underestimate the player you are against.
  • If a random player barges into your world, there are only two ways how it can go.
  • You can either defeat the other player or be invaded.
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Image Source – yung maestro on YouTube.


  • If you have begun with invasions recently, you can expect to lose a lot more rather than win.
  • And that’s completely fine as you gain experience.
  • With more losses, you get a definitive idea of what’s wrong. You lose to win more.

So, if you are on a losing streak during invasions, don’t be disappointed!

Timed Attacks

  • If there’s one thing PVP matches have taught me is timing.
  • You cannot bulldoze your way through a duel or you might get killed.
  • You need to work with your opponents patiently and cautiously at the same time.
  • Look for an opening and barge right into your opponent when you see one.

Disguising as an NPC

One of the Reddit users posted this video where he lures invaders using a Furlcalling Finger remedy.

  • As he is invaded by a player, he doesn’t walk up to the player right away. Instead, he uses a fire torch and walks like an NPC. The invader could not detect the player and returned to his world.
  • While it is a bizarre and odd situation, the invaders cannot see your name until they lock onto you.
  • It is more of a psychological exploit rather than a hack.
  • So, you can use this trick to defeat invaders from different worlds.

That’s all about the tips and tricks for PVP matches in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, make sure to check out our other guides on the recommended levels for each area, how to summon friends with multiplayer items, and the best class tier list for PVE and PVP in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.