Elden Ring Best Classes Tier List For PvE & PvP

Check out this Tier List of the best class in Elden Ring for both PvE and PvP.

There are 10 different classes in Elden Ring but not all of them are for you hence it requires a tier list to rank them. The reason for this list is these classes play differently, and not all are suited for beginners. Do note there is no bad class as such just you can get more out of some once you get used to the game. So let us quickly check this tier list of the best class in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Class Tier List

elden ring best class tier list

Before we get into the list this is just my recommendation of the best class. A lot of things come into play when making or breaking a character, so class is not the only thing that can affect your gameplay. But that also doesn’t mean a class has no impact on how you play, as your early game and playstyle are heavily based on the class you pick. Still, if you feel your favorite class is placed in the wrong tier then you can still have fun playing with them. So now let us quickly check this list.

Class Tier
Warrior S-Tier
Astrologer S-Tier
Samurai S-Tier
Vagabond A-Tier
Prophet A-Tier
Confessor A-Tier
Wretch B-Tier
Prisoner B-Tier
Hero B-Tier
Bandit C-Tier

S-Tier Classes Explained

  • Warrior: This is one of the, if not the best class in the game. When you play as a warrior you can enjoy most of the melee gameplay that the game has to offer. The best part of this class is, it is fast which allows you to quickly dodge enemy attacks once you learn them. But with the right build, they can also tank many attacks. All in all, this is a very balanced class. This class works well no matter if you are playing the game for PvE or PvP.
  • Astrologer: This class is best for the players that love range and magic. The class focuses on Intelligence more than spells. Thus allowing players to use Sorcery. There are some spells in sorcery that deal some of the highest damage in the game. This class really works well for PvE.
  • Samurai: This is an ideal class if you like melee and ranged attacks. Samurai is quite a fast class and gets one of the best weapons as default when you start the game. This weapon is the Uchigatana, it has a high damage output and can also deal bleed damage. This class works well for PvE but you can have a lot of fun with it in PvP.

That sums up this guide on the best class tier list for Elden Ring. In case you plan on using the S-Tier classes given above you should check our recommended builds for them for early and late games. Check out the best Warrior builds, Astrologer builds, and Samurai builds.