PUBG Player Numbers Shoots above One Million(Again)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player numbers have started to shoot above One Million again. After a year-long slump, the time has finally come to an end. There are various reasons why there were a downfall and the gain in the player number. We are not sure, but here are the possible reasons for a year-long slump.

PUBG released back in early 2017 on Early Access and released officially in December same year. Gaining the Popularity of millions of players, the game quickly fell against Fortnite’s battle royale mode. Fortnite had more content, fewer glitches, and more importantly regular updates.

Just after the numbers started to fall, PUNG Developers announced their release on the PlayStation 4 after years of only being on the PC and Xbox One. They also started to listen to the community and added a new map on December 19, the snow-covered Vikendi map.

PUBG players have not only liked the new map, but also the new content to keep people interested. Another fall in numbers may be in the future if they don’t keep the game flooding with new content and upgrades. Whatever the reason is for the increase in PUBG player numbers, it seems like the game is on the rebound for now after many months of relative quiet from Bluehole.

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