PUBG Vikendi map leaked: PUBG New Map Release Date, Leaked Images and More

PUBG Vikendi snow map is speculated to be released with the PUBG PS4 on December 7th, 2018. As the PUBG PS Store details have clearly mentioned a Vikendi event pass. Here’s what you should know:

PUBG Vikendi map leaked

The new leak of PUBG is making the headline all over the internet, the leak is about the new snow map, which is going to be released anytime soon. According to the leaks, the map will be launched alongside the PUBG PS4, in December 2018.

The Player Unknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) recently received the much awaited season 4 update for its mobile version. According to the reports, the PUBG Vikendi map was extracted and was recreated by a YouTuber Allthenewsisgoodnews and the video indicated that the new snow map is missing any foliage.

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Additionally, the PUBG PS4 PS Store details mentioned about a Vikendi event pass which has left everyone to believe for both the maps to be released soon, PUBG Vikendi map and the Vikendi snow map, respectively. All of the leaks and news point towards a common release date for the PUBG Vikendi snow map. The PUBG Vikendi map is expected to be released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One users.

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