PUBG Mobile Season 4: How to update new PUBG season, weapons and more

The release of PUBG Season 4 was announced on November 20, 2018, users will be able to update the game on their smartphones by November 21, 2018. All the players will get access to the global server for PUBG by November 21. PUBG Mobile Season 4 release date is out. here are the much-awaited details about the game and how to upgrade to the new version, launch time and more.

Release time for PUBG Mobile Season 4

The thing to note down is none of your season 3 rankings will be carried out to the coming season 4. Players will have to start from scratch and will share equal opportunity to make through the top. A whole of things is going to be improvised including maps, game scenes, user experience and much more.

How to download PUBG Mobile Season 4

In case you’ve set automatic download in your smartphones for the latest version, the game will be downloaded automatically once connected to WiFi. Whereas, the new users will have to go to their respective app store (Google Play & IOS App Store) to download the game.

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PUBG Mobile Season 4 New features

There are a ton of new features added in the new season which includes the scooter and dynamic weather which are exclusively for the desktop game of the Sanhok map.

On the other hand, new PUBG Mobile Season 4 brings new skins(Joker and Harley Quin), revamped and improvised weapons, parachutes menus, assault rifle M762, exclusive royal pass to weekly challenges up to 100 RP level, special rewards which will be unlocked once a player crosses level 100 in the PUBG Mobile Season 4. Also, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus options to reward users with level up benefits and paid benefits with 100 UC on per level.

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