Project Zomboid: Helicopter Event Survival Guide

Hearing the sound of a helicopter while playing project Zomboid? You should learn about the Helicopter event.

The Helicopter event is an event that attracts zombies to your location in Project Zomboid. For those who don’t know Project Zomboid is quite infamous for being one of the most difficult zombie survival games. The game itself claims to be the ultimate zombie survival irrespective of whether you play alone or with friends. And this game is difficult because of such events that cause players to react immediately. So in this guide let us take a look at how to survive the Helicopter event is in Project Zomboid and what it is.

How to Survive the Helicopter event in Project Zomboid

how to survive helicopter event in project zomboid

In this event, you will hear the sound of a Helicopter that attracts hoards of zombies towards you and you cannot avoid them, the first thing you should do is abandon your base so that the zombies don’t destroy it. This will ensure it doesn’t get destroyed and you can come back to use it later. The second thing to do is keep your emergency supplies and a vehicle ready for this event. This will help you escape your base while being prepared. So when the zombie hoard comes to attack you, the only thing you have to worry about will be surviving. You can focus more on saving yourself as your base is taken care of. Your goal should be going to someplace safe and if possible isolated where you can easily deal with the zombies.

What is the Helicopter event?

As mentioned above during this event you hear the sound of a helicopter when it flies above you. This helicopter attracts the attention of the zombies, and since it will fly above you it causes the zombies to come to your location. Once the helicopter sights the player it will follow them irrespective of where they go. That means hiding in your base is not the best idea. In fact, it is the worst thing you can do, as it will cause the hoard of zombies to create havoc on your base.

There are two things you should keep in mind about this event. The first is that it will happen at a certain time in the game. You can get the option to see it in your settings under the Metagame section. And the second thing is, if in a case the helicopter passes the player without noticing then it will come back. While the chance of the helicopter coming for the second time is low, they are not zero.

That covers everything you need to know about the Helicopter event in Project Zomboid. Check out our other guides on how to activate debug mode and where is the military base.

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